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Joe: The Movie is a 1987 animated action-adventure film spun-off from the animated series G.I
Joe: A Real American Hero, based on the original Hasbro toyline.
Joe: The Movie was intended as a theatrical release to be closely followed by The Transformers: The Movie
However, unexpected production delays allowed the Transformers feature to be released first
Instead it was released direct-to-video and aired on TV, first in full feature length format and then later split into a five-part miniseries format.
While Cobra Commander and Serpentor blame each other's leadership of Cobra as the root cause for Cobra's continuing failures, Pythona, a woman from the secret civilization of Cobra-La, infiltrates the Terror Drome
While there, she reveals to Serpentor that Cobra-La was responsible for planting the idea in Doctor Mindbender's mind to create Serpentor (which makes sense, since on his file card, he's an orthodontist, which begs the question of how an orthodontist has the necessary intellect to create a clone made from the tissues of dead people)
At her urging, Serpentor plans to capture G.I
Joe's latest weapon--the Broadcast Energy Transmitter (B.E.T.).
Cobra assaults the Joes as the team tests the B.E.T
in the Himalayas
The Joes use the B.E.T
to activate their automated weapons systems and Serpentor is captured and Cobra Commander orders a retreat as Cobra Commander leads his troops into Cobra-La.
As the Joes celebrate their victory, a new group of rookie Joes are brought onto the team, including "unlucky" ninja Jinx (not mentioned here to be part of Snake-Eyes' and Storm-Shadow's ninja clan), M.P
officer Law and his dog Order (get it?), former basketball player Big Lob (making his only appearance here), EOD specialist Tunnel Rat (said to be based on Joe comics writer Larry Hama), covert operative Chuckles, and Duke's reckless half-brother, Green Beret Lt
Falcon (the relationship only mentioned here).
Meanwhile, in Cobra-La, the Joes are ambushed and detained within
Cobra soldiers are met by the civilization's ruler, Golobulus, who has Pythona and his other henchman, Nemesis Enforcer, arrest Cobra Commander
While there, Cobra learns about their history: 40,000 years ago, Cobra-La was an ancient civilization that ruled Earth
However, the Ice Age, the evolution of humans and their development of scientific technology resulted in Cobra-La's survivors being forced into caverns within the Himalayas
Cobra-La rebuilt their society in secret as centuries passed
Golobulus vowed to destroy humanity so that his people could re-claim the earth
He eventually discovered a nobleman who was working on biological weapons
This nobleman later became Cobra Commander, charged with conquering the world for Cobra-La
However, Cobra Commander's repeated failures caused Golobulus to use a Psychic Motivator on Mindbender to create Serpentor.
Meanwhile, Falcon takes his new girlfriend, Heather, to G
Joe headquarters
His girlfriend is really Zarana in disguise, and her visit was a ruse to infiltrate Serpentor's holding cell
For abandoning his training, Duke puts Falcon on indefinite guard duty (despite the face that Falcon is an Officer, a Lieutenant, and Duke is only a First Sergeant, and enlisted man)

When Falcon abandons his post to flirt with Jinx, the Dreadnoks and Nemesis Enforcer free Serpentor, injuring Alpine, Bazooka, and Gung-Ho in the process
General Hawk is furious with Falcon for abandoning his post and confines him to his quarters until a court-martial can be convened on charges of dereliction of duty and unauthorized absence (AWOL).
In Cobra-La, Cobra Commander is put on trial for his repeated failures, with Golobulus revealing his plans to launch spore pods filled with mutative spores into space and use the B.E.T
to hatch them
The spores will cause mankind to devolve into mindless serpents, allowing Cobra-La to reclaim the earth
Golobulus, finding Cobra Commander guilty, punishes him by exposing him to the spores, which eventually transforms him into a man-sized snake
He flees, making his way to the Joe's camp with a blinded Roadblock.
Back at Joe HQ, convinced by Duke to spare Falcon a harsh punishment, General Hawk re-assigns Falcon to the "Slaughter House" where he is to be retrained by (pro wrestler) Sgt
Slaughter (playing himself, as his character, a Marine Drill Instructor, with much more hair and vastly more fit than the real Slaughter ever was) and his "Renegades" consisting of ex-Cobra Viper Mercer, former football player Red Dog, kicked out of the NFL for excessive violence after severely beating an opposing player for stepping on his (bare) feet with his cleats) and former circus acrobat Taurus

On a weaponless recon mission in the Terror Drome, the five learn of Cobra's plans and that the Baroness has discovered the location of the B.E.T
As Falcon and the others destroy the Terror Drome, Cobra launches an assault on the Joes
The Joes launch a counterattack on Cobra, but the B.E.T
is stolen in the process
Serpentor attempts to kill Falcon with one of his snake spears, but Duke jumps in front of Falcon at the last minute with the spear hitting Duke and knocking him into a coma.
Falcon, the Renegades and the new recruits head to the Himalayas to stop Cobra-La
The other Joes are led to Cobra-La's lair by the now permanently transformed Cobra Commander
The new recruits prove themselves valuable soldiers as they rescue their captured teammates
Falcon, Jinx and Sgt
Slaughter confront Golobulus, Pythona, and Serpentor
The ensuing fight culminates in Jinx and Slaughter sending Pythona and the Nemesis Enforcer falling to their apparent death, while Falcon sends Serpentor out of Cobra-La and reconfigures the B.E.T
to incinerate the spore pods in space
The B.E.T
overloads, destroying Cobra-La as Golobulus escapes
Immediately following the battle, the strike team receives news that Duke has come out of his coma and is recovering.
The series voice actors returned for the film, as was the situation in TransFormers: The Movie, although TransFormers: The Movie boasted what could arguably considered an "all-star" cast, while GI Joe: The Movie used mainly the same actors from the series, although there were several guest voices not credited, but likely familiar to fans of classic TV, not the least of which is Burgess Meredith from the Rocky films, but more especially the 1966 Batman TV show (he was Penguin and made the famous "quacking" sound, as Meredith was required to smoke as Penguin, but had given up smoking several years prior, so he invented the "quack quack" to cover his coughing and not ruin a take)
Slaughter the pro wrestler was credited under his ring name, as opposed to his real name, presumably because no one would recognize his real name)
1970s, 1980s, and 1990s TV fans will recognize several of the voice actors from their work in other cartoons and television series
See how many names you recognize!
Charlie Adler as Low-Light
Shuko Akune as Jinx
Jack Angel as Wet Suit
Jackson Beck as Narrator
Michael Bell as Duke, Xamot, Blowtorch and Lift-Ticket
Gregg Berger as Motor-Viper
Earl Boen as Taurus
Arthur Burghardt as Destro and Iceberg
Corey Burton as Tomax
William Callaway as Beach Head
François Chau as Quick Kick
Peter Cullen as Zandar and Nemesis Enforcer
Brian Cummings as Doctor Mindbender
Jennifer Darling as Pythona
Laurie Faso as Tunnel Rat
Hank Garret as Dial Tone
Richard Gautier as Serpentor
Ed Gilbert as General Hawk
Dan Gilvezan as Slip Stream
Zack Hoffman as Zartan
Kene Holliday as Roadblock
John Hostetter as Bazooka
Don Johnson as Lt
Buster Jones as Doc
Chris Latta as Cobra Commander, Gung Ho, and Ripper
Morgan Lofting as Baroness
Chuck McCann as Leatherneck
Michael McConnohie as Cross Country
Mary McDonald-Lewis as Lady Jaye
Burgess Meredith as Golobulus
Ron Ortiz as Law
Rob Paulsen as Snow Job
Patrick Pinney as Mainframe
Poncie Ponce as Red Dog
Lisa Raggio as Zarana/Heather
Bill Ratner as Flint
Neil Ross as Buzzer, Dusty, Monkeywrench and Shipwreck
Brad Sanders as Big Lob
Ted Schwartz as Thrasher
Slaughter as Sgt
Kristoffer Tabori as Mercer
Ward as Scarlett
Vernee Watson-Johnson as Scientist
Lee Weaver as Alpine
Frank Welker as Torch, Wild Bill and Order
Stan Wojno Jr
as Lifeline
The writers did not originally intend for "Cobra-La" to be the name of the rival civilization; this was merely a placeholder name in the drafts until a more alien label came to mind, but Hasbro executives fell in love with the name and had the writers to keep it.
In the film's original script, Duke dies in battle after being wounded from the snake spear hurled by Serpentor
After this was written into the script, it inspired the death of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie while both films were in production.
However, Optimus Prime's death sparked such a severe backlash among both fans and parents, Hasbro reversed their decision on Duke's death
While the scene was kept, replacement dialogue was inserted stating that Duke had gone into a coma
At the end of the film it is stated that he had come out of the coma.
Writer and story editor Buzz Dixon said in an interview once, "[If] you watch the visuals and don't listen to the soundtrack, it's obvious Duke dies."
In the original script, the Joes also held his funeral prior to the final battle

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