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HELP Mike get to safety - Volunteers - Las vegas

HELP Mike get to safety - Volunteers - Las vegas
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Posted on Nov 14, 2017
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Hello, my name is Michael and I currently live in the Bay Area, CA but I grew up in a small blue-collar town outside of Birmingham, AL
I got my hands on a walkie-talkie when I was young and have been hooked on technology ever since
As a kid, I dreamt of moving to Silicon Valley, CA to one day work in the tech industry
After high school, I joined the military where I started my tech education by training in communications
After serving 8 years, I was finally able to move to California! Since coming here I have managed to get a few entry-level jobs in local startup tech companies and after just a taste of working with the innovative entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, I am so inspired! I would like to take my career and life to the next level and I think a college degree is the best next step but the cost of living in the Bay Area is so high that all of my time and resources go to maintaining my basic needs
I can't afford to go to school while living here.
Getting an education can change my life but to make time to go to class and study, I will need to start working part-time but I can't survive in the Bay Area working part-time, even with Financial Aid and scholarships
To afford school I need to move to a city with a lower cost of living and a tech-savvy business department
After looking into different schools and cities I have decided on the Department of Business at the University of North Las Vegas
The city has a reasonable cost of living, the school has a tech and entrepreneurial focused business degrees and there are many part-time jobs there.
I would like to move to Las Vegas to get my education and pursue my professional interests but it is impossible to save money while living in the Bay Area
I need to put together $4000 to move me out to Las Vegas and cover my living expenses from the first few months while I find some part-time work and apply to school

I learned the importance of teamwork and support in the military so, I am reaching out to those who know what it is like to need help sometimes
I know there are many folks in need right now and I would like to do my part to make this world a better place so please, help me earn my degree so that I can contribute to society in a more meaningful way
A donation of money or time sharing this campaign with others will make the world of difference! Thank you for your time and support
Peace and blessings.
Visit my fundraising campaign at: https://www.go fund

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Posted on Nov 14, 2017