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I have the right puppy just for you (Volunteer) (LAS VEGAS) - Volunteers - Las vegas

I have the right puppy just for you (Volunteer) (LAS VEGAS) - Volunteers - Las vegas
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Posted on Nov 14, 2017
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I have the right puppy for you if you are looking on craigslist to find your new puppy look no further there are hundreds at your local rescues and shelters
I know you are looking for a nice t-cup yorkie or some cute apple head chihuahua or some adorable wrinkly bulldog but if you are looking for him here on CL most likely you will end up with a dog way overpriced from a very uneducated breeder with little to no knowledge at all on how to care for those pups

I am here to inform you not to judge you, I work at a vet and we get puppies all the time from people that bought them off of craigslist, many come sick with signs of either kennel cough, parvo or with parasites
When you buy a puppy of craigslist always make sure it is is healthy, alert and active.
Puppies need vaccines at 6 weeks of age and should not be around any unvaccinated dogs, keep them away from public places like dog parks, parks and streets, They should be kept at home until they are 16 weeks of age (4 months) with all their vaccines up to date
Puppies should receive 2 sets of 2 vaccines when they are puppies 1 bordetella and 1 distemper which is also known as DA2PP
The 3rd set should have 3 vaccines 1 bordetella 1 DA2PP and 1 Rabies
at that point when the puppy receives his 3 vaccines you should wait two week from the day they received and then take him out to dogs parks, groomers, etc

*It is the LAW to have your pet vaccinated against rabies*
When you adopt at a shelter all dogs are up to date with vaccines and come spayed/neutered at the time you adopt them, they are healthy and in search of a loving home
When you buy a puppy off of craigslist don't fully expect a high quality purebred no matter how many papers that breeder offers, if he or she does not present a license and you verify that he/she is legally breeding then don't expect to have the purebred healthy puppy you were looking to find

Why a licensed breeder?
Licensed breeders have a limited amount of dogs on their property not hoards of dogs running left and right, they also have animal control inspect their homes and dogs to insure they are healthy and living in sanitary conditions
A licensed breeder by law can only breed a female one time per year not use the dog as a puppy machine to make money off of
When you don't limit the amount of puppies a female has it is over breeding and it affects the puppies greatly, common problems are hernias, genetic defects and diseases that your puppy can start having the moment he gets home with you and can have high costs to fix
Last week we had a client walks in with an english bulldog
I ask where she got it from client replies "from craigslist" she says "I got a good deal on her but later found out why" I was curious to know so i asked why and she replied " turns out she has a hernia and the cost to fix at another vet is $1,500 to fix" keep in mind a good deal for her was paying $3,000 for a puppy that she will have to drive around town until she finds a vet that can either work out some good price or a form of payment plan

Other cases I received last week was of a puppy they brought in for vaccines the puppy was clearly a mix of yorkie and some other breeds
The client payed $1,000, "breeder" told the client the puppy was a purebred t-cup yorkie with AKC
I took a look at the paperwork the paperwork was clearly fake and as the puppy grew the client clearly noticed it was not pure bred because it did not stay small and it grew long like a dachsund
When she asked me what i believe the breed was, it was clearly a mix between yorkie/ dachsund/ rat terrier
I thought, you didnt really need to spend that much money for one of those, you could easily find one like that at the shelter for $150 or so in desperate need of a home

My point here is, I really care about animals and if you who is reading this cares about them too don't make the mistake of buying a dog off of a craigslist breeder, buying it off a person who is rehoming is fine but to pay a large amount for a puppy who is coming from a breeder is not going to fix the problem of thousands and thousands of animals dying at the shelter
Many of them are waiting right now for the right person to give them a nice warm home where they can run around and play and live a long happy life

Do your research be responsible be a healthy pet owner

If you have any questions or need help finding a low cost vet, a rescue, information on a local shelter, training tips, food advice or finding a pet that needs help please don't hesitate to email and ask

*VOLUNTEER* to post this around craigslist and facebook and other social media platforms to educate and get the word out about all those dogs and cats in shelters and rescues right now trying to find homes in time for thanksgiving and christmas
Help stop those uneducated breeders on craigslist making money off of using their dogs like puppy machines

A dog or cat in the shelter will be thankful you took the time to post this and help them find a home.

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Posted on Nov 14, 2017