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Looking for College Level Soccer Players, Male and Female (Potomac) - Activities Community - Washington

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Posted on Feb 05, 2018
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We play 11v11, co-ed, Saturdays, at Greenbriar, in a new league that is becoming increasingly competitive now
So we are trying to keep pace and build our own competitive team
We are looking for college players home for the Summer, or former college players, or even players who did not play college but were at least at that level
We want to emphasize a possession style of play with quick transitions
Therefore, we do not want players who are lazy or reluctant to pass, no matter how skilled they may be
Nor do we want players who do pass to the guys if they will not also pass to the women
Fitness is important too, but, unlike in the NCAA (or the pros), in this league there is unlimited substitution, and players can sub out and then sub back in
So you do not need to be completely game fit to contribute
Should be a fun season
If this is the kind of team you want to play for, then I hope you will join us, and be a part of it

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Posted on Feb 05, 2018