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[Real Estate] Branch Office Operator W/ Forbes 500 Company - 6 Figure Salary (Houston) - Houston

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[Real Estate] Branch Office Operator W/ Forbes 500 Company - 6 Figure Salary (Houston) - Houston
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Posted on Aug 10, 2018
Expire: Nov 08, 2018
Highly Motivated Individual with Sales/Marketing and Management Skills to start Schottenstein Companies Branch in New Houston Office!

___________* J O B * F E A T U R E S: * __________

* Lucrative Compensation Package
* Time Freedom - Flexible Schedule - You create your own hours
* You may work out of your home if you prefer

We are looking to train and assist Branch Office Managers/Affiliates in the business of acquiring Residential Real Estate, for the purpose of renovating and reselling for profit

This is very similar to owning your franchise without the huge cost that goes into franchise ownership

We are training a system that is a proven to be successful in flipping houses
We provide all the recourses necessary for your success! We expect a new franchise to generate AT LEAST $300k in its FIRST year
In order to achieve this, you must be: Self-motivated, WILLING TO LEARN, aggressive and creative!

* *__* * P L E A S E * R E S E A R C H * U S * B E F O R E * A P P L Y I N G * * __ * *
There are so many Craigslist scams out there
We want you to know who we are and that we are completely legitimate and that this is a real opportunity for the right applicant
Visit us on the Web at

Our system is proven to work better than any other method of selling real estate you may already be familiar with
Therefore, we are only interested in working with Branch Managers/Affiliates who are willing to be 100% committed to learning and executing the Schottenstein system for flipping houses
This is a position that WILL earn the RIGHT applicant a six-figure income if you follow our directions and learn our system
Trainability is KEY; it is the main quality we are looking for!

We are looking to open a new Branch Office in the Houston area As Soon As Possible.

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Expire: Nov 08, 2018
Posted on Aug 10, 2018