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Watch ANYTHING, ANYTIME FREE BEST FIRE STICK IN COLORADO (Anywhere in the Denver metro area) - Denver

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Posted on Mar 13, 2018
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Don't settle for other Fire sticks with ONLY Kodi installed, you'll immediately regret that purchase...
This listing is for a brand new "jailbroken" Fire TV Stick
With this device you'll be able to watch absolutely ANYTHING you'd like! This is not an exaggeration! You can watch ANY movie that's ever been made
Movies still in theaters! Watch ANY TV show, new or old! Go back and watch the NFL game you missed because you had to work
You can catch the boxing and UFC live Pay-Per-Views, live NBA, MLB, Soccer etc
I have yet to find something you cannot watch on this device
There are thousands of documentaries, P90x/workout videos
This device will absolutely amaze you
This will cost you 80 dollars, after that you can cut the cords! No more Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc
This stick has it all! There are also hundreds of live TV stations, so many people cancel their cable bills
Can you imagine? No more monthly cable or streaming bills? Imagine what you can do with all of that saved money!! I am an android developer and have found ways to speed up these Fire TV Sticks and increase storage space
I can guarantee you nobody else will do this, or even knows how
Therefore this is THE FASTEST, most fully loaded stick you'll find
GUARANTEED! I personally install all of the software on each and every stick, so I know exactly how everything works and where to find everything
I am available at any time to help you after your purchase
Questions about an update? Wondering where to find your favorite NFL team's game? Any question you may have, I'll be able to help you out with! Just text me! You will absolutely love your new Fire TV Stick and many have come back to get one for all of the TV's in their house! You won't be disappointed! GET YOURS TODAY!

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Posted on Mar 13, 2018